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Sunday Samples 339

August 11, 2013

As expected, Blue Jasmine is going like gangbusters. A chunk of the moviegoing public can’t get enough of this woman’s posturing, repetitious stories, like the one about meeting her husband. As she’ll tell you over and over, that song “Blue Moon” was playing. You know the one: written in 1934 by Rogers and Hart, first recorded as “The Bad in Every Man”, sung by Shirley Ross as a Cotton Club singer in — appropriately enough for Allen — Manhattan Melodrama.

Oh, Lord
What is the matter with me?
I’m just permitted to see
The bad in every man

Oh hear me, Lord
I could be good to a lover
But then I always discover
The bad in every man

They like to tell you that they love you only
And you can believe it though you know you’re wrong
A little hall room can be awfully lonely
And the night can be so very long

Oh, Lord
Perhaps I’ll alter my plan
And overlook look if I can
The the bad in every man

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