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Sunday Samples 314

February 3, 2013

In under an hour Super Bowl XLVII will kick off between the Baltimore Ravens and some other team.

The Ravens are notable for being one of only two NFL teams that still maintain a marching band, and they still have a fight song, like college teams do. In fact, both of them are holdovers from earlier days when marching band fight songs were de rigeur for football; the band refused to move along with the Baltimore Colts, and even staged their own midnight counter-raid to preserve their instruments and uniforms as Bob Irsay packed the rest of the team up and whisked them away to Indianapolis without warning.

When the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens — a move which caused the receiving city no small anguish given their history — the band was adopted immediately. In 2010, new lyrics were crafted for the old Baltimore Fight Song, which, with luck, will ring out the Ravens’ triumph over those other guys.


Baltimore Ravens, let’s go
And put that ball across the line
So fly on with talons spread wide
Go in and strike with Ravens’ pride


Ravens dark wings take to flight
Dive in and show them your might
For Baltimore and Maryland
You will fly on to victory

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