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I Made It!

November 19, 2012

A Persian friend of mine, after I made poulet aux prunes, mentioned that prunes are typically used more for red meat than poultry. And so I went back to make
Agneau aux Prunes

agneau aux prunes, or “lamb with plums”.

The recipe is almost exactly the same, except for the substitution of lamb for chicken. Ideally you’ll have a good butcher who can give you one and a half to two pounds of boneless lamb shoulder, which you can then cut up into bite-sized cubes. If not, your best bet may be shoulder chops, which you should try to get as thick as possible.

Cut away the meat from the bone and all pieces of fat large enough to be noticeably harder than the meat, but you don’t have to be too vigilant about getting all the fat out. The whole point of using the shoulder in the first place is for all its connective tissue, which over the slow cooking process will render out and thicken the sauce nicely.

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  1. Jiminey Poobal permalink
    May 6, 2014 22:54

    Why don’t you do any food posts anymore?

    I really miss these.

    Maybe have a separate section for these culinary postings!

    Bring back “I Made It!”

  2. May 6, 2014 22:57

    Thanks, but honestly I haven’t been trying as many new or interesting things. A full-time job and a second full-time hobby take a lot of time already.

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