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Sunday Samples 269 (four days late)

March 29, 2012

More moving, more delays. This time it’s sort of a happy accident, since I got the chance yesterday to catch La Délicatesse, and its de facto soundtrack, the 2011 album Franky Knight, by Émilie Simon. The movie may not hold together, but the album does.

In large part, the album is an elegy to Simon’s fiancé, François Chevallier, who died in 2009 of H1N1 influenza. “Chevalier”, of course, means “knight”, whence both the album’s title and lead-off single, “Mon Chevalier”.

I wrote some songs; they’re all for you
There’s nothing else that I can do
Too late to pray; too soon to see
Your eyes again, my sweet Franky

I call the ghost into my hands
A tender ghost that I can trust
You took my soul away with you
The night you went, you gave me yours

Je regarde pendant des heures
Tous ces nuages; je vois des fleurs
Des trains des arbres, mais même la
Au fond du ciel, je n’te vois pas

Alors je prie, Dieu me pardonne,
Sans croire en lui; je prie pour l’homme
Qui m’aimait tant, que j’aimerai
Toute ma vie, mon chevalier


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