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Retroactive Reviews?

October 16, 2010

This weekend’s pretty thin on movies. Red opened, but the other one I was looking forward to — Conviction — didn’t. I’m hoping it opens on November 19 directly opposite The Next Three Days because that would make a great pair of reviews.

Anyway, I also just got in my Apple TV; the review will be coming after I put it through more of its paces. But along with it I finally got a Netflix subscription. Mostly I’m looking it for streaming — I’m finally getting the chance to watch Dexter — but I’ll be able to get DVDs as well, of course.

So this leads me to an idea. I have access to all sorts of movies now, and I can put it to good use and write reviews of movies that aren’t first-runs. And so I thought I might throw this out to the wider world. What movies would you like to see reviewed? I’m setting no hard-and-fast bounds beyond Netflix availability, but as I pick and choose I’ll probably give preference to those that I haven’t seen before, and to those I think I’m likely to enjoy.

Suggestions are open in the comments here, and to my Twitter account (@DrMathochist), and anywhere else you might know how to contact me. Of course, if you post a nomination here and other people agree they can second it. Just a thought.

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  1. October 21, 2010 18:05

    How about The Usual Suspects or LA Confidential? Not sure on availability but interested to hear your thoughts.

    • October 21, 2010 18:35

      The Usual Suspects is a great movie, and could definitely bear revisiting. I don’t think I’ve seen L.A. Confidential, though, so I’m inclined towards that one first. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Jubayer permalink
    October 27, 2010 21:25

    How big is your TV screen though? Coz some films require a larger screen to really enjoy a whole helluva lot…

    • October 27, 2010 21:48

      This is true. My current one isn’t particularly big (temporary furnished apartment), but I do have access to a rather significantly large one at intervals.

      That said, yeah maybe I’d skew towards those movies which don’t suffer off of the big screen.

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